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Scrap tyre recycling

In 1995 the first Danish Statutory Order with economical incentives regarding scrap tyres was introduced, in order to collect and recycle used tyres in an environmentally sustainable way.
This is a brief introduction in how the scrap tyre scheme works. Please note that some links are to Danish pages.
Danish Statutory Order no. 1347 last updated 21 November 2016 applies.
  • Tyre producers and importers pay a levy to the Danish Customs and Tax Administration (Skat).
    The levy varies between 10.00 to 225.00 DKK (∼ 1.34 - 30.20 EUR) per tyre depending on the type/size.
    The levies are transferred from Skat to The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).
  • EPA-approved tyre collectors collect scrap tyres at car dealers, workshops, garages etc.
  • Tyres suitable for retreading are delivered to retreading companies.
    Scrap tyres are delivered to EPA-approved recycling plants for granulation or pyrolysis.
  • A subsidy is paid to the tyre collector by the Danish Tyretrade Environmental Foundation on behalf of the EPA for tyres delivered to recycling plants.
    Subsidy per kg:
    • Max. 1.55 DKK (∼ 0.21 EUR) for tyres with rim diameter < 24 inches.
    • Max. 2.10 DKK (∼ 0.28 EUR) for tyres with rim diameter ≥ 24 inches.
    The subsidy is graduated according to the extent of recycling at the plant where the collected tyres are delivered.
To get approval for collecting scrap tyres please complete this form.
To get approval for granulation or pyrolysis of scrap tyres please contact the EPA.


If you know of a company that violates the rules about subsidy for recycling of tyres (chapter 2 in Statutory Order no. 1347), you can anonymously make the authorities aware of this by sending a whistleblower report.
If you wish to report a violation of the rules concerning payment of levy on tyres, please contact Skat (Danish Customs and Tax Administration).
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